Raechel + Michael

Engagement shoot for Raechel and Michael. So adorable, so young and so in-love.

Adorable + Awesome=Adosome?

Anyway, here are some pictures!


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4 Responses to “Raechel + Michael”

  1. Aubrey says:

    Looove this set! The last one is so perfect!!

  2. Joseph Yarrow Weddings says:

    cool looking couple!

    Brilliant job on the pictures, what did they think of them?

  3. Courtney Paris says:

    @Aubrey, thanks, the last one has been everyones favorite so far!

    @Joseph thanks, I had fun with them! They were really happy with the pictures, they didn’t really have any of them together at all so they were even more excited because of that!

  4. Hi! I'm Kirsten... says:

    I just did an e-session today and these are far better than mine. I really dig them!