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Product Post: Canvas

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

One of the different types of print products I offer is having your pictures printed on canvas. While it’s hard to pick up on just how awesome your prints can look on canvas, I’ve taken some shots of one of my samples, so you can see the sides, the back and what they look like on the wall.

Like the rest of the printed products I offer my clients, the canvas prints are printed through a company that services only professionals, so take care in knowing all your items are of the highest quality.

Front of Canvas

Canvas Side

Canvas Back

Canvas on Wall

Gina & Houston. Louisville Family Photography

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Gina’s family were some of the early citizens in our fine town of New Albany. They built one of the most beautiful Catholic churches here, and recently when a wind storm damaged the steeple, and it was taken down for repair, she saw this as the perfect opportunity to have some pictures with parts of her family heritage, both past, present and future.









Louisville Photography Collective, Portrait Project

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Here in good ol’ Louisville (read: Looahvul) there’s a pretty active forum for local photographers of all levels to get to share and learn and all that.

Recently, they started a Portrait Project, where anyone can sign up and we’re randomly paired with a partner, and then you take each others portraits. I’ve participated in the first two so far, and it really has been a blast.

My first partner was Mikki, she started off by saying, “I hate having my picture taken”. Great, no pressure. We ended up meeting some of my fellow photog friends and having a blast.

LPC Partner Project Round 1

LPC Partner Project Round 1

I chose this shot because her hair in her face was very representative of her feelings toward the whole portrait thing.

With round 2, I found myself paired with Miss Alice. We started emailing about setting a time to meet and shoot, and one of the first things she tells me via email is, “I don’t like having my picture taken” Anyone noticing a theme here!

LPC Portriat Project 2

LPC Portriat Project 2

She told me it wasn’t near as painful as she thought.

Sign ups for round 3 started today, so be sure to check back!