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Louisville Wedding+Portrait Photographer. Rosalind+Ari:Engaged.

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Alright other clients, no pressure but these two brought it! Adorable and so very sweetly in love from their head to their toes. They were willing to climb up to the top of the stage in Central Park and stand in the middle of a road while the crazies surrounded us!

Can’t wait for the wedding in October!













Louisville Wedding Photographer: Rosalind+Ari:Engaged. A Preview

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Rosalind and Ari are one of those couples that photographers love to shoot. Adorable, photogenic and so very obviously in love. I had lots and lots of fun with them, and they were such troopers. After rescheduling their shoot at the last minute because of rain (that never came!), by the end we were all pretty much soaking wet from the humidity.

Here’s a quick peek and I’ll have the rest done soon!


Louisville Family Photographer: Joryn + Brittany Preview

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

My friend Angie called me a couple weeks ago explaining that her best friends daughter was getting ready to go off to college and wanted a couple shots of her with her daughter, since she’s been like an older sister to her.

Here’s a preview!


Louisville Portrait, Boudoir and Wedding Photography: Pretty, Pretty Packaging

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

I’m a sucker for good looking packaging and wrapping.  When it’s Christmas or birthday time, watch out, most likely you’ll find me at the center of a ribbon and paper frenzy!

I won’t deny that I get all excited and giddy when it comes time to prepare prints or albums for client pick-up. Here’s a peak at how I package my Little Black Books from Boudoir Sessions.


The albums are wrapped in black tissue paper then black ribbon and sealed with a round stickers. I also tuck a couple business cards inside.


In every one of my orders I include a thank you note. Just a simple note thanking them for their business, letting them know if they need anything else please contact me, and explaining my referral program.


Finally, the lid goes on with one more bigger label on top.

If you’re interested in where I purchased any of these products, I’ve put together a list below.

Black Tissue Paper- Nashville Wraps
Black Ribbon- Hobby Lobby
Round Stickers-  Kitty CrossBones.
Business Cards- WHCC
Personalized Notes- Vista Print