New Albany Wedding Photography: Amy+Matt

As I’ve mentioned before, the weddings I agree to shoot are few and far between. I’ve known Amy and Matt for a while now and was so very excited about their wedding (long time-a-coming!). Their reception was so personalized and truly reflected them, and I loved that they got married in the church that Matt and his family attend!

Matt writes a column for our local paper, and the day of the wedding, he wrote an article all about Amy. He then had it framed, along with some of the photos from their engagement session, and gave it to her before the ceremony!


Matt and his gorgeous kiddos!

Amy, Matt and the kiddos, each hung a photo on this tree to start their own’family tree’!

Amy and Matt ride a tandem bike around town!

They met at a NABC bar. šŸ˜€

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