Louisville Photography Collective, Portrait Project

Here in good ol’ Louisville (read: Looahvul) there’s a pretty active forum for local photographers of all levels to get to share and learn and all that.

Recently, they started a Portrait Project, where anyone can sign up and we’re randomly paired with a partner, and then you take each others portraits. I’ve participated in the first two so far, and it really has been a blast.

My first partner was Mikki, she started off by saying, “I hate having my picture taken”. Great, no pressure. We ended up meeting some of my fellow photog friends and having a blast.

LPC Partner Project Round 1

LPC Partner Project Round 1

I chose this shot because her hair in her face was very representative of her feelings toward the whole portrait thing.

With round 2, I found myself paired with Miss Alice. We started emailing about setting a time to meet and shoot, and one of the first things she tells me via email is, “I don’t like having my picture taken” Anyone noticing a theme here!

LPC Portriat Project 2

LPC Portriat Project 2

She told me it wasn’t near as painful as she thought.

Sign ups for round 3 started today, so be sure to check back!


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