Louisville Wedding Photographer: Rosalind+Ari, Married!

Rosalind and Ari, oh my gosh. I don’t even think I have words to describe how awesome they are. Once glimpse at this couple and you knew just how much love there was. The wedding was at beautiful Locust Grove here in Louisville, and Rosalind spent so much time and energy in all the details that made the day so special. One of my favorite weddings yet!

*picture heavy because of all the awesomeness that is Rosalind and Ari*

















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13 Responses to “Louisville Wedding Photographer: Rosalind+Ari, Married!”

  1. Leo Druker says:

    Gorgeous work all around! I absolutely love the photo with them in the doorway – the expressions you’ve captured there are beautiful.

    Nice work 🙂

  2. I adore wedding like this! Would love to specialize in them if I could.

    Great work!

  3. Teresa K says:

    What a sweet and fun couple. I love the image of them in by the door. They are all great!

  4. Rima says:

    lovely pictures courtney! I especially like the shot of the dress with the sun flare, how I miss the sun in the uk!

  5. Courtney says:

    I LOVE these Court! I went to school with Ari & Rosalind! You captured their love perfectly!

  6. Vida Carson says:

    Oh my gosh! The light in some of these is amazinggggg. You did an awesome job, seriously.

  7. Susan says:

    I love the door shot too – and being a graphic designer, their program card is so cute!

  8. Kelly Ry says:

    Adorable couple! I love her bouquet and the second to last image of the venue from afar is awesome.

  9. Krista Piper says:

    Love the ring image and the door image. The one image that looks like they are in the middle of all the wildflowers is great – love the colors on it. Looks like it was such a fun day!

  10. Great set! My favorites are the 5th and 7th down, with that beautiful, soft, romantic sunlight! I also love that reception shot of the tent with the lights.

  11. I love that first desaturated shot. Nice poses and processing. I love how cheerful that bouquet shot looks too.

  12. Katie Beach says:

    I just love the picture of the bride and groom in the doorway. Great muted tones and it’s such a strikingly simpe pose! Great job!

  13. Tobiah says:

    Nice work. Like the flare in the dress shot!