2013 Updates

Holy cow, can you believe it is already time to talk about 2013? That’s blowing my mind a little bit! I’m so very excited to let you know about plans regarding proofing in the new year. I’ll be doing in-person proofing sessions starting in January 2013. This means that we will look through the photos together and if there’s any edits I can make or try out for you, I can do it right there for you! Also, we will be able to go over print sizes and any questions that you need answered, then and there! AND all sessions will be edited and ready to view in ONE WEEK!! I KNOW! I can hardly believe it myself. šŸ˜€

Please remember that all sessions must be secured with a deposit before it goes on the ol’ calendar!

I am so excited about 2013 and look forward to all the amazing sessions that are to come!

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