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FAQ and Pricing

When you schedule a session with me, you get a completely customized photography experience. We will chat, either via phone or at the studio, about what you’re looking to get out the session, what are your concerns, what are your outfits, location possibilities.  If you schedule a child’s session at the studio, I will provide you with a custom background, matching the outfit, the occasion or whatever else you have in mind. It will be created with you in mind, your session will completely unique.

Here are some pretty common questions I get along with their answers. Of course, if there is anything you don’t see here that you’re still wondering about, please shoot me an email Courtney@courtneyparisphotography.com

Where will our session be? For family sessions, we will be picking a super scenic outdoors location. Rural, Urban, Both? It’s up to you, but don’t feel pressured to come up with the spot. I know lots of great locations and will run them past you. Have a spot in mind? That’s great, too. Just let me know! For newborns, we will be in my studio located in historic Downtown New Albany. Any age beyond that, we can do outdoors or in studio or both. Usually after our conversation about your vision, outfits and props (if any) we will come up with the perfect game plan for you! If it’s a senior session, we will start out in the studio to get some of those super fancy-like studio shots done then head out from there!

Why can’t we do our family session in the studio? Because I’m the boss! Haha, I do actually have a good reason for opting for outdoor family sessions. Not only does it capture the more relaxed and natural images, but it takes a lot of pressure off the kids. In the years I’ve been doing this I see a huge differene in kids demeanors if they’re outside vs stuffy studio session. Plus, if they need a quick 10 minute run around break, we can do that. They can explore and that makes for great images too.

What is an in-person ordering session? All portrait sessions come with a $50 print credit. To view your images and order your prints, cards, canvases, etc, at the end of your portrait session we will set a viewing appointment for 1 week later. This session can be at your home or in my studio. You’ll have the opportunity to view all of your edited images and make your product selections while I am nearby to answer any questions and lend my expert opinion.

What does editing of images include? What does it not include? The editing of images included in your session fee are basic color adjusting and correcting if needed, image cropping, changing into black and white/sepia. Editing that is available for an extra fee includes but is not limited to; wrinkles, blemish fixing, hair color (grays) editing. I do not edit or minimize the size of my clients. I want you to see gorgeous images of YOU! You are amazing and beautiful as you are!!!

Why are your prints so expensive, what’s stopping me from ordering images at walmart? If you purchase the disc of images, they come with reprint rights (not copyright however) so you can pretty much print your pictures wherever. Just keep in mind that all my images come from a professional lab, with trained professionals who work there and machines that are checked and color calibrated multiple times a day. In addition, if you purchase a wall-print 8×10 or larger, I will go through and make some fine-tune edits, such as skin smoothing, crazy hair fixing etc.

What should I wear? This is pretty much open to whatever your preferences are! Although I do ask that you don’t wear all white or all black shirts with jeans. It’s dated and you want your face to be the highlight of the images, not your clothes!


Portrait Sessions: * $350.00
(Children, Senior, Maternity & Family Portrait Sessions)
* Up to 2 hours of shooting
* Editing of images
* In-person ordering session with $50 print credit

Boudoir Sessions: begin at * $475.00, please visit www.LouisvilleBoudoir.com for more information!

For Event pricing ( births etc) please contact me for a price and package sheet.

If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to ask!

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